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Keeping Your Dog Warm in the Winter at Dog Daycare in Tigard

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Dog Daycare Tigard

Winter Tips and Dog Day Care in Tigard

Your dog might have a luxurious coat of fur, but that doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the cold. The winter chill, especially here in Oregon, can affect your dog, even threatening their health if they don’t get the proper attention. These tips from Safe Journey dog daycare in Tigard help you keep your canine happy, healthy and comfortable in the winter season.

Are the winters in Oregon really that bad?

Sure, we don’t get the same kind of weather as, say, Alaska, but Oregon winters are sufficiently cold enough to pose a danger to your dog. The temperature regularly falls below freezing, and even when it doesn’t the heavy rains can also cause dogs to get hypothermia. While we humans have four-chambered hearts, dogs have less-efficient circulatory systems. They simply don’t stay as warm as we do. Some breeds, such as chihuahuas, are prone to health complications, and they can be even more vulnerable to the cold.

So what can I do to keep my dog safe?

You know that the best way to keep your dog safe is to let them stay inside the house at night. We understand that this isn’t always feasible, though. Perhaps your dog is too big for your residence, someone in the family might have allergies to dogs, or maybe your lease doesn’t allow you to keep animals inside. Whatever the reason, don’t worry. There are other solutions for keeping your dog warm in the winter.

  • Fur: A dog’s fur doesn’t provide complete protection from chills, but it can lessen its effects. If your dog isn’t naturally a short-hair breed, let its fur grow out before winter starts, perhaps refraining from cutting it around the time that autumn begins. If you do this, just make sure to brush their coat regularly to prevent it from shedding all over the place.
  • Insulated Doghouse If you have a doghouse, you can insulate it to trap the dog’s body heat. To insulate your dog house, apply caulking on all the seams. This prevents cold air from getting in and warm air from getting out. You generally don’t want to put in commercial wall insulation, because dogs might chew through it. If you build a shed-size doghouse you can insulate like a house, with finished walls, and even set up an electric baseboard heater.
  • Sweaters: A doggy sweater works wonders for keeping them dry. They come in all sorts of sizes to suit most breeds. Make sure to see how your dog takes to the sweater, as some pets might become too stressed out to wear them. It’s also important to look for a waterproof garment, since in the Oregon winters rain can soak through, actually making them colder.

Dog daycare when you’re away

Dog Sitting in TigardThese solutions are all well and good, but how do you keep your outdoor dog warm when you’re at work? Most people lack the time, motivation, or funds to create a heated, fully insulated home for their dogs. One solution is to send them to dog daycare. Daycare for animals is very much like the same service for children. You drop your pet off in the morning, and then pick them up on your way home. A good daycare should have the following:

  • Open Spaces: Kennels should only be for sleeping at night. Open space gives your pup enough room to run around. This activity is healthy for them, and being sedentary is one of the worst things for a dog.
  • Security: Suitable daycare facilities are secured to prevent unauthorized people from coming in, and to stop your pet from burrowing out.
  • Attentive Employees: The attendants at doggy daycare need to be vigilant. The best ones regularly monitor the play area to ensure that each pet is treating the others fairly, and to notice unexpected emergencies.
  • Nutrition: You don’t want your dog eating just any old food. Check with the daycare facility for which brands they stock, and make arrangements for something else if you need a specific type of food. Some places don’t feed dogs, so you can bring your own food.

Safe Journey Dog Daycare in Tigard

Safe Journey is a boarding facility that stands out from other local businesses. We’re all dog lovers here, and we treat your pets as if they were our own. While staying in the daycare facility, your dog has free run of a large area. When you come back to get them they’re well-exercised and less anxious and hyperactive. While we don’t stock dog food ourselves, if you make sure to bring a bowl with you from home, we can make sure that your pet eats around lunchtime.

Life can throw you unexpected curve balls from time to time. That’s why we’re open every single day of the year. Our hours are from 7 am to 7 pm, giving most people time enough to drop them off and pick them up before work. Besides a single day rate, you can also sign up for long-term plans to get a significant discount. You work hard to care for your dogs. Ensuring that they’re safe and comfortable during the day is important.

And yes, our facility is very warm. We understand the importance of keeping cozy to a dog’s health and make sure that they’re always warm enough. Does your dog have special needs? Just let us know if there are any health or behavioral issues that we should know about. With our years of experience, we’ve pretty much seen it all and can make accommodations for almost any dog.

The best part about our service is its versatility. If you have to go on a longer trip, we can board your dog for multiple days. Our service for regular daycare is available in blocks of 5 hours or less, or between 5 and 12 hours if you need the whole day. Don’t trust your beloved pet to anyone less than the best. Leave them in the hands of Safe Journey doggy daycare in Tigard and enjoy peace of mind.



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