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Portland Dog Day Care Centers: Who They are For and How They Work

dog day care Service in Portland
We are open 365 days per year from 7am to 7pm in order to take care of your dog day care needs. Our dog day care customers are taken without a reservation on a first come first serve basis. It is very rare that we are unable to take your dog but if you are unsure, simply give us a call.

All dogs that are not going to be hand carried should be brought to our facility with a secure leash, collar and or harness. Our Portland facility is very secure once your dog is inside, but do please keep in mind that we are located on a busy street with lots of activity taking place throughout the day. Unfortunately, far too many owners do not pay careful attention to their own dog’s security! Please take a moment to make sure that your dog is fully secured for his or her short trip to and from your car.

Short-Term Doggie Day Care for Busy Pet Owners

For those needing brief periods of dog day care, we have half day packages that cover periods of 5 hours of less. For those needing more, we offer full-day day care rates good for any time period over 5 hours between 7am and 7pm. Our single-use rates are $15 for a half day and $25 for a full day. However, we offer a number of pre-paid packages with deep discounts that can lower your costs to as little as $7.50 per half day and $10 per full day.

Typically, most day care dogs are fed either before leaving home, after returning home or both. We generally do not feed our day care dogs. However, some puppies and other dogs with special needs are on an eating cycle that includes a mid-day meal. If this is the case with your dog, simply bring his or her mid-day meal. A note will be made to our staff at check-in that your dog is to receive a mid-day lunch.

If your work or school schedule happens to not take place during our normal business hours of 7am – 7pm give us a call. We may be able to accommodate a swing shift or other non-traditional schedules. We always try to find a way to say yes to customer requests if at all possible. We have numerous long-term doggy clients who have been kicked out or rejected by other dog day care providers do to purported behavioral issues, health conditions, special needs, or odd schedules. Safe Journey Dog Boarding takes pride in making every effort to be the dog daycare providers that say “yes!”

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For customers with disabilities or other difficulties bringing their dogs to the front door, we will make every effort to meet you for curb-side service in order to increase your convenience. If you are not on time for your pick-up or drop-off, call us while on your way. If need be, we can meet you and your dog at the curb. No need to get out of your car. No need to get wet. You can pick-up or drop-off in sixty seconds or less!


Dog Day Care Service Portland We're particularly skilled at taking care of pets with special needs, including older animals with low mobility. We also provide a great environment to socialize your new puppy or receive help with behavioral problems and obedience training.


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