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Dog Daycare Can Help Manage Your Dog’s Anxiety

Posted on by Safe Journey Dog Boarding
Specialty Dog Daycare Portland

Your dog, like humans, is a creature of habit. Your dog thrives when there is a routine established. However, when that routine is changed because you need to be away for a few days, it is a good idea to hire the best dog sitting in Portland OR service to watch and keep your dog calm. Here is how you can keep Fido happy and prevent him from being anxious while you are away. Does doggy daycare help with separation anxiety? The answer is yes. Our staff is experienced with specialty dog care.

Enroll in Doggy Daycare in Advance

Enroll your dog into dog daycare in Portland OR as far in advance of your trip as possible. This will give you and your dog time to establish a new routine that will help to keep him calm and happy when you do finally leave town.

Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Behavior

Dog Separation Anxiety PortlandDogs cannot speak like humans, so communication takes place on a different level. Pay close attention to Fido’s behavior and watch for signs of stress and anxiety. These symptoms often include bad behavior, trembling, whining, loss of appetite, excessive barking, and damp footpads. Whatever you do, do not ignore these signs, your dog is trying to tell you that is unhappy, uncomfortable, and stressed out. If your dog exhibits any of these signs when you take him to a center for dog sitting in Portland OR, there is a good chance your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

Treatment for Your Dog’s Anxiety

The longer it takes you to identify what is triggering your dog’s stress and anxiety, the harder it will be to successfully treat it.  While there is no perfect way to treat a dog’s anxiety, taking your dog to a sitter or dog daycare in Portland OR on a daily basis is very effective. Choose your dog sitting service wisely to provide Fido with the most nurturing and supportive environment possible.



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