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Breed Profile Dachshunds

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Bring joy to your life with a wiener dog

Dachshunds are among the most popular breeds of dogs in the united states. If you’ve ever seen one bounding towards you, full of excitement, you likely can understand why. One of the most curious and cute varieties available, these dogs care for you as well as you can care for them. And our staff at Safe Journey Dog Boarding provides specialty dog care for those with difficult schedules, dogs with high energy, or anxiety. Keep reading to discover some delightful facts about them and to determine if dachshunds are right for your home.

Dachshund appearance

Perhaps the most striking aspect of a dachshund is their unusual appearance. They have long, backs that lead up to a high, proud head that sits atop thick muscles. but on the bottom, their legs are very stumpy. With their very elongated bodies, it’d almost be understandable if someone mistook skinnier dachshunds for ferrets. This unique shape is where their most common nickname, wiener dog, comes from.

Dachshunds’ other prized characteristics are their floppy ears, shiny black eyes, and curved tails. You can get them in regular or miniature size. the soft coats come in three varieties: short hair, wire hair, and long hair. long-haired doxies’ fur usually reaches down to the ground, even when they stand on all fours. Short hair dachshunds are not heavy shedders and are easy to keep clean. Wirehaired wiener dogs have thick mats of curly fur.

Dachshund fun facts

Here are a few interesting tidbits about wiener dogs:

  • Hunting heritage: They were originally bred to hunt down badgers. The unique body shape allows dachshunds to even get into badger tunnels and flush them out. In fact, the name dachshund is German for “badger hound”.
  • Names: Despite the German origin of the name dachshund, most Germans actually call these dogs “dackels”.
  • AKC Awards: Even though they’re one of the most popular breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, they don’t tend to win awards. As of 2018, no dachshund has ever one best in the show at the Westminster Dog Show.

Dachshund behavior

Dachshund Dog Daycare PortlandDespite their size, doxies are hounds, not terriers. They have a strong hunting instinct, which makes them very hyperactive. Dachshunds love to play fetch or to find hidden chew toys. They’re famous for showing affection to their owners and like to curl up on laps when they’re tired.

When you treat them well, dachshunds are very loyal. They do have a tendency to run off if you don’t keep them secure, through. Loyalty to their owners, combined with their hunting instinct, leads dachshunds to be overprotective of their people. For this reason, dachshunds don’t always do well with other pets. If not properly trained they also have a tendency to snap at strangers if the strangers touch their owners. You can have dachshunds in a home with children but you must take care to treat them well. Teach your children proper pet respect to help them get along with the dogs better.

Their love of running means that it’s best to take them for regular walks. They also need lots of off-leash time at parks. If you live in a house with a yard you can set up a dog run for them to play around. Doxies are very strong diggers. They can use this ability to escape, so try to sink fences under the soil by a foot or more. Note that if you give them treats while they’re in the yard dachshunds might dig up holes in the grass to bury the treats for later.

Dachshund medical concerns

The curved, elegant back for which dachshunds are so famous can be a liability. These dogs are especially vulnerable to intervertebral disc disease. This condition affects the back and can cause their vertebrae to become weaker. It can lead to limping and other far more serious symptoms.

Patella luxation happens when the dog’s knee slips out of its proper place. Due to the design of a dachshund’s stubby legs, they’re more at risk for this than other breeds. Both intervertebral disc disease and patella luxation generally require surgery to fix.

Doxie health tips

Always consult a veterinarian when making decisions about your dog’s health. That said, there are some common-sense fixes that you can make. Don’t let dachshunds jump from great heights. This includes from the sofa to the floor. The shock of impact is not good for their hips, back, or knees. Manage your dog’s diet so they receive proper nutrients, but limit them from overindulging and make sure that they get plenty of exercise. Obesity in such a small dog puts undue strain on their bones, muscles, and heart.

Is a dachshund right for you?

Now that you know about the basics of the breed, is a doxie the right choice for your household? Consider some of the following factors.

  • Dachshunds are small and can get along well in apartments so long as they get regular exercise.
  • Dachshunds are easy to transport in portable carriers.
  • They are incredibly affectionate and loving.
  • Dachshunds are wary of strangers and make outstanding guard dogs

Dachshund dog boarding

As with any responsible pet owner you want the best for your dog. Living in modern society, it’s normal to work very long hours. If you want the benefits of having a dog but can’t commit to walking it every day, enroll it in a doggy daycare program. You can drop it off with the kennel in the morning, and pick it up after work. While it’s getting looked after your dog has the opportunity to run around to its heart content. Of course, you can always take them for a walk after you get home.

Safe Journey Dog Boarding is the ideal option for doggy daycare in Portland. We’ve been in business for years, and our clients trust us with their pets. We’re all dog people and we know how to treat your pooch right. From wiener dogs to very large breeds, we ensure that every guest is safe and gets the attention that they need. Call us today or use the contact form to set up a pet care plan today.



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