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The Right Way to Play with Dog Toys

Keep your doggy safe when you play

No one gives you the same type of companionship as your pet. They call dogs “man’s best friend” for a very good reason. Your pet’s been there for you ever since they were a young pup. It’s only natural to want to spoil them with toys and lots of playtime and to give your dog the best that you can provide for them. That’s why Safe Dog Boarding is the right choice for dog daycare in Portland. You might not realize it, but not all toys or snacks are appropriate for every dog to use. Fortunately, this guide is here with useful advice.

Common types of dog toys

Dog toys serve a different purpose than human toys. While children learn imaginative and creative skills from their play, dogs stay physically active and increase their overall level of fitness through play. Some toys keep their teeth clean and others double as snacks. The variety is nearly endless; you can keep your pet entertained all day long.

Chew toys

Chew toys are tough pieces that your dog can gnaw on for hours at a time. This type comes in multiple designs. You can get “character” chew toys that are designed to look like realistic or cute animals. Dogs love to pounce on them and toss them in the air. This allows them to somewhat satisfy their natural hunting instinct. One fun game to play is to hide the toy under a blanket or somewhere else and then to encourage the dog to find it.

There are a few concerns with chew toys. They’re listed in sizes relative to the size of your dog. Never give a small toy to a large dog. This can present a choking hazard. Another choking hazard is the squeaker unit. some of these products have a noisemaker inside that creates high-pitched noise when your pup chomps down. The added stimulation makes play more fun, but squeakers have a reputation for getting worked loose from inside the toy and can choke up your dog. An alternative to squeakers is crackling toys. These feature a material inside that makes loud crinkly noises and which is not a choking hazard.

Edible toys

Active Dog Daycare PortlandChewy snacks are also popular. One of the most common types is a hardened pig’s ear. These begin hard but soften as your pet chews them down. Another category is called “dog bones”, but rather than actual bones, they’re made from rawhide that’s hardened into a barbell shape. It’s important when you give your dog a rawhide bone to remember not to throw them for fetch. These treats are very heavy, and they can chip or even shatter teeth if they hit your pup in the mouth.

It’s tempting to give your dog the bones from your dinner to chew on since they love the flavor of the meat and it’s a cheap and quick treat. Do not do this! dogs can chew through the bones, cracking them into splinters and then choking on them. This is especially true of poultry, such as chicken legs. If you want to give them an edible chew treat, opt for one that you get from the store.

Rope toys

You’ve seen these before. They’re a length of rope tied with large knots at each end. You throw them for your dog to catch or retrieve. This provides intense aerobic activity and improves your pet’s coordination and dexterity. You can also use them to play tug-of-war. That type of game is ideal for venting a dog’s natural urge to compete and wrestle.

when you’re playing with a rope toy, make sure that you get one that’s the right size for your breed. For instance, you don’t want to throw a big rope knot for a chihuahua. This could seriously injure them. Also, fetch is an outdoor game. Throwing toys indoors leads to falling and crashing, as well as broken furniture. Tug-of-war is a dangerous game. When your dog has a toy in their mouth and you try to yank it out, it’s very easy to pop out their teeth. If you must play tug-of-war, instead of pulling, hold the one side in your hand and then allow the dog to try and pull the toy out of your hand. If the dog seems to be pulling too hard, just let go of the rope toy.

Proper supervision when you’re away

Besides providing proper toys for your dog, you need to ensure that any facility where you board your pet also follows safety procedures. Any kennel worth its salt features a space for activities, so your dog keeps from becoming restless and maintains a healthy amount of exercise. Check ahead so you know which types of toys if any, the kennel keeps stocked.

Safe Journey Dog Boarding is the top choice facility for dog care in Portland. We offer half or whole-day services for working professionals and are open late so graveyard workers can drop off their pets. We can even come to you to pick up your dog if getting out is difficult for you. Safety is our absolute number one priority, and we provide an environment in which you can rest assured that your dog is under a watchful eye. All you have to do is give us a phone call or fill out the contact form on this page.

At Safe Journey Dog Boarding we recognize that it’s not always easy to give your pet the care and attention that they deserve. We’re staffed by an experienced team of animal lovers who treat your pooch with tender care. Your pet gets the care that we’d want others to give to our own pets. rest assured that your dog is getting the care that they need and deserve when you send your beloved pet to Safe Journey Dog Boarding services.

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The Right Way to Play with Dog Toys

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