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Will Your Dog Enjoy Daycare?

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Is Your Dog Ready for Doggy Daycare?

Are you headed back to work after months of quarantine? Has your pup gotten used to you being home all day? Are you considering doggy daycare as a solution? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then keep reading for more information about how to tell if your dog will be successful and happy in a dog daycare environment.

How Social Is Your Dog?

One of the most important indications that a dog will be happy at dog daycare is their social behavior. Not all dogs love being around other dogs and some dogs love being around other dogs too much. A dog’s sociability changes throughout its life, just like humans. A once-playful pup may only tolerate a few select dogs in middle age, or vice versa!

Dog Social Dogs

A dog social dog loves nearly every other dog, even dogs with problematic behavors such as obnoxious greetings and play. A lot of puppies start out as dog social dogs, but it’s pretty rare for an adult dog to be dog social in the same way.

Dog social dogs tend to love a dog daycare environment, especially if it includes group play. However, sometimes dog social dogs can be a little too much for other dogs. Therefore, it’s really important to make sure they’re behaviors aren’t too obnoxious to reduce stress on the other dogs at daycare. Dogs tend to age out of the “dog social” category at about six months. However, if your dog is dog social past puppyhood, dog daycare at Safe Journey Dog Boarding here in Portland can be a great outlet for polite interaction that reinforces positive social behavior!

Dog Tolerant Dogs

will my dog like daycare oregon

Dog tolerant dogs tend to do well in doggie daycare settings. Find out more about the cage-free, toy-free environment at Safe Journey Dog Boarding by calling us today!

Dog tolerant dogs tend to do very well in a doggie daycare setting. These puppers get along well with most other dogs and they tend to control their excitement well. Many adult dogs fall into this category, especially those who were socialized while young and have had positive interactions with other dogs. Dog tolerant dogs communicate well with other pups. They respond appropriately to other dogs’ body language and prefer avoidance over confrontation. Dog tolerant dogs also do well when correcting obnoxious behaviors from other dogs. Dog tolerant dogs are great playmates for cautious adult dogs or young puppies so that they can learn appropriate behaviors and have positive experiences.

If your dog is a dog tolerant dog, they’ll likely do well in a variety of doggie daycare setups, whether it’s small or large group play.

Dog Selective Pups

Some dogs are “dog selective,” meaning that they get along well with some dogs but are a little bit more selective when it comes to which dogs they regularly interact and play with. Dog selective dogs typically have dog friends that match their play styles and need a bit of assistance when meeting unfamiliar pups. Dog selective dogs don’t tolerate rude or inappropriate behaviors from other dogs, perhaps sometimes overreacting or overcorrecting those behaviors.

Dog selective dogs tend to do well in dog daycare with experienced attendants and when matched with appropriate playmates. However, some dog selective dogs may be nervous and stressed around other dogs in certain setups, so it’s important to look for an environment with constant supervision and a consistent play group.

Dog Aggressive Dogs

Dog aggressive dogs likely won’t do well in a dog daycare setting, especially one that involves play or interaction with other canines. These dogs aren’t acting out because they’re “bad,” however. Most aggressive dog behavior has its roots in fear and insecurity (much like humans). Dog aggressive dogs do not like unknown dogs and make that very clear by lunging, snapping, or barking at the other dog. That doesn’t meant that dog aggressive dogs are that way with all dogs; they may have one or two friends that they interact well with. However, these dogs still need regular assistance from humans to prevent negative interactions with other animals.

Dog aggressive dogs are not a good fit for doggie daycare. Do not attempt to modify aggressive behavior by taking a dog aggressive dog to a dog park or dog daycare. Instead, your best option is to consult with your vet and to find a certified dog trainer who has experience with aggressive behavior. Stay away from aversive training methods such as pronged or shock collars. No dog trainer worth their salt will recommend punishment as a form of shaping or changing the behavior of your pup!

How Can Safe Journey Dog Boarding Help?

As much as we wish we could take our dogs with us everywhere, sometimes it just isn’t an option. There’s work, school, events and other places where your dog can’t go with you or shouldn’t go with you because not all dogs travel well. But what options are there when you need to leave your dog for a few hours? You could leave them at home where they could get into things or become stressed and lonely. You could have a friend watch them, but they aren’t always available. This is where Safe Journey Dog Boarding comes in. We are Portland’s cage-free dog daycare and boarding facility. A place you can rely on 365 days a year to watch over and take care of your dog when you need. No need to worry about schedules or people needing keys to your home. Just drop your pup off at daycare where they will have fun playing with other dogs and pick them up when you’re ready! Simple as that. Call today with any questions!



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