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The Benefits of Cage-Free Dog Boarding

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Kennel Vs. Cage-Free

One of the least enjoyable aspects of being a pet-owner is when your animal can’t accompany you on the next journey. Figuring out who will take care of your dog’s needs and quirks can be a stressful experience, the last thing you need when undertaking a business trip or going on a much-needed vacation.

For man’s best friend, so too can the various kennels and dog boarding solutions inflictstress and strain. A loveable mutt always misses their person, be it for a minute or for a night. When choosing the right daycare for your dog it is important to ask yourself “what do I want my dog’s experience away from home to feel like?” More practically, it is a question between cages and kennelsor none at all.

In this blog we’re going to break down the Four E’s of choosing the right daycare for your very own (Exercise, Environment, Experience and Expenditure) and why a cage-free boarding option might be right for them. Let’s get started.


By far the biggest benefit by leaving your dog in the comfort of a cage-free environment is the amount of Exercise they will engage in while playing and interacting with their fellow canine comrades.

All dogs need activity, be they beagle, pointer or retriever. Most cage-free facilities also practice toy-free fun but that will not stop any determined dachshund or animated airedale from putting in a good play’s work. Dogs are social animals and finding entertainment provides a healthy outlet for socializing and working out. The more space they have to run, the more space they have for fun.

While kennels might provide for plenty of playtime and exercise, cage-free daycares offer a comfortable environment made for dogs to engage with each other just as much as they engage with the staff. And once they are all pooped out, they have all space they need to recharge their batteries.
Cage Free Daycare


One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the right boarding solution for your pup centers on what type of Environment you would prefer them to stay in.

Every dog owner wants theirs to stay in a safe environment, a secure environment when they’re gone and a cage-free environment still provides for supervision and other dog-specific-needs. Nonetheless, it removes the fences and crate to provide a pup with the area and freedom of movement to engage and disengage with their fellows as they need. The open-nature of cage-free dog sitting is perfect for those who grow restless with confinement.

This is not to say all dogs respond well to such an open environment. For dog-social and dog-tolerant dogs, an open environment allows them a chance to reinforce good social habits and learn to politely play with more reserved breeds and playmates. For socially selective dogs, more supervision might be necessary. For dogs that display aggression toward dogs, another option might be necessary. If you’re unsure which personality your pooch might have, not to worry, we already blogged about it!

If yours does well with open spaces and other faces, a cage-free daycare may just be right for them.


Going hand-in-hand with Environment is Experience. It comprises an equally important aspect to consider when choosing the right daycare for your pup. It’s the same question we asked at the beginning of this blog post; “What do I want my dog’s experience away from home to feel like?”

When boarding a dog in a cage-based kennel, their experience will shrink to the size of the crate or kennel or cubby they will call home for however long their stay. Just like for people, the experience can change from enjoyable to excruciating on a dime. At a cage-free facility, dogs will have plenty of space to be themselves and not have their social skills, behavior and experiences shaped in tight spaces.

A well-run cage-free boarding facility still provides plenty of supervision, too. The staff must undertake proper training in how to speak in their canine cohort’s language and understand how they play, as well as making sure they eat the right food, have enough time to rest and receive plenty of positive reinforcement training.


No other consideration is more important than the Expenditurfor the owner, of course! Choosing the right day care always involves looking at the cost of boarding and the various options of boarding facilities.

But it’s more than just expenses and penny-pinching. It’s also seeing the benefit of where your money goes, what effect it has. Is your dog delighted to go to their home-away-from-home? Or do they dread the hours and nights of another stay at daycare?

The look on your pupper’s face going to daycare might just be more important their coming home. It’s not about sequestering them for a certain period of time, it’s about wanting to make right by them. A pooch who spends their time in an open environment is invariably happier than one which does not. That factor alone is worth considering when comparing prices.

Looking for cage-free dog daycare services near Beaverton, Oregon?

Come to Safe Journey Dog Boarding. Our 1400 sq ft facility provides a space where our overnight guests are free to to roam, eat and rest with others in an open,secure, supervised environment, all at an affordable price. When you leave your favorite four-legged companion in our care, we promise a stay that will not only bring peace-of-mind into your life, but invigorate theirs as well.



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