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What To Do When Your Dog Gets Sick

Many dog owners have experienced the panic of seeing their best friend sick and in pain. With Safe Journey Dog Boarding’s guide for what to do when your dog gets sick, you can treat them quickly and easily. We’ll outline how to treat your pup, who you should contact for help, and where you can take them if they need additional care.

What To Remember When Your Dog Is Sick

what to do sick dog portland

Before doing anything, take a deep breath. When your pet begins vomiting, urinating or shaking uncontrollably, the temptation to panic only heightens. Many of these problems are indicative of potential viral infections. Panicking adds another element. Instead, remember that every pet owner (not just dogs!) should follow this general protocol when their loved one becomes ill.

  1. Take your pet to the vet as soon as possible
  2. Give them prescribed medication and follow the instructions
  3. Remove any food from their dish, but keep them hydrated
  4. Watch your pet for other additional symptoms that may be related

Signs Your Dog Is Sick

Taking your dog for a check-up is the first step in treating him when he’s sick. We won’t pretend to be a veterinarian blog, which is why the first thing any pet owner should do is contact a pet medical expert for an emergency appointment to ensure your pet receives veterinary attention. Make sure to note whatever signs of illness affect your dog and what they have eaten in the past couple of days. Whether severe signs or subtle signs, mention all of them.

Along with a loss of appetite, make sure to report any concerns with their coat and skin, ears, eyes, weight and behavior. Lethargic behavior, overly dry or wet eyes, excessive scratching and diarrhea are warning signs of a common disease, bacterial infection or illness. These observations can help your veterinarian identify what might have caused your dog’s condition.

If they need medication, make sure to follow any instructions and keep them hydrated by offering water from their dish. Feeding them water is generally safe, but avoid feeding them any food unless your veterinarian says otherwise. It’s also important to watch for other symptoms that might have come along with the illness you initially noticed your dog was suffering from.

Giving Your Dog Medication

Like humans, dogs can take medicine in multiple fashions: by ear, eye or mouth. While the most effective way to treat your dog is to give them treatment orally in their food, this isn’t always possible when they’re sick. If you can manage it, mix up some of their favorite wet food and sprinkle in the pill or capsule (be sure to check for size before giving medication). You can also trick them into eating their medicine with treats, though you will want to mix up which treat has the actual treatment.

For ear or eye medicine, things become a little trickier. Make sure to prepare what you need quietly so as not to arouse your dog’s suspicions. Make sure to entice your dog into a room corner where you can close the door, and they can’t run away. If you have a smaller dog, wrap them in a towel, snug as a bug. You’re going to need to keep your pet still. Refrain from sudden movements or raising your voice. The goal when giving medication is to ensure Fido feels comfortable, even if they understandably struggle.

When giving ear medication, make sure it enters the actual ear and doesn’t contact the ear flap. When treating skin infections, push the fur out of the way to let the medicine settle on the affected area. For eye medication, make sure to stay calm while giving the drops.

Taking Care of Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

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There may be times when the illness isn’t treatable by medication. Common reasons include an upset stomach after eating something they shouldn’t have or even simple motion sickness–in which case you can treat them at home with simple remedies.

If your dog is suffering from an episode of vomiting, withhold their typical food and water intake. Southwind Vets suggests providing ice cubes, bone broth and canned pumpkin instead. Putting ice cubes in their water bowl will ensure your dog has fresh water to chew on while not overhydrating. Bone broth can also help keep your dog hydrated without upsetting the stomach. Finally, canned pumpkin has a low glycemic index, which means it won’t cause indigestion and make for a healthy treat for your dog. All three of these remedies will provide your pup relief as you wait for the upset stomach to pass. If it turns into severe vomiting, take them to the nearest clinic immediately.

When cleaning up the sick, be sure to use a non-toxic, enzyme-based house cleaner. They will help both control smell and staining if you apply them almost immediately to the mess. You can find pet mess cleaning solutions at any home improvement store that tackles sickness and urination.

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What To Do When Your Dog Gets Sick

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