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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Spaying and Neutering

It’s no secret that America is packed with animal lovers. Unfortunately, our nation is suffering from an overpopulation crisis when it comes to pets, especially dogs and cats. Though spaying/neutering has helped curb the overpopulation crisis and has proven to have a wide array of medical and behavioral benefits for our pets, there have been a number of myths and false rumors demonizing this important procedure. As your local doggy daycare, we have decided to address some of the most common myths/rumors about the spaying/neutering procedure in hopes to clarify any confusion or misconceptions as well as shed light on why many pet facilities deny their services to intact pets.

Myth #1: The Spay/Neutering Procedure is Painful and Expensive

One of the biggest worries many pet owners have with the spay/neutering procedure is pain. During the procedure, your pet will be under anesthesia, meaning they will not be able to feel any pain during surgery. After the surgery is complete, your vet will create an after-care plan for your pet, including pain management prescriptions and more to ensure your pet remains as comfortable as possible during their recovery (which usually only takes a few days).

When it comes to the topic of cost, it’s important to note that the cost of spaying/neutering your pet will be much less than the cost of caring for an unexpected litter. Spaying/neutering your pets can also prevent certain types of cancers and diseases associated with your pet’s reproductive system which can be extremely expensive to treat. Overall, the benefits of this procedure outweigh the price you would be paying, and can even save you money in the long run.

Myth #2: Spaying/Neutering Is Unhealthy

One of the biggest myths circling amongst pet owners is that spaying/neutering is unhealthy for pets when in reality it’s the opposite of true. According to SpayUSA, there are numerous health benefits from getting your pet(s) neutered/spayed. Some include:

  • Eliminating the risk of tumors, cancers, and diseases involving your pet’s reproductive system.
  • Helps your pet live a longer and healthier life.
  • Decreases aggressive behavior, including dog bites.

Myth #3: The Pet’s Personality Will Change After Spay/NeuterDog Boarding Facility Portland

Many pet owners worry that their pet’s personality will change after a spaying/neutering procedure.

Your pet’s sex hormones have nothing to do with their personality. This procedure will not alter your pet’s personality in the way you might think. In most instances, the procedure helps eliminate some unwanted behaviors, especially in males, such as uncontrollable territory marking, mounting/humping, as well as lowering aggression due to reduced testosterone presence. This will greatly depend on your pet’s personality and learned habits.

Though none of this is guaranteed, the benefits you and your pet stand to gain in the long run are worth the procedure.

Myth #4: Neutering a Male Dog Will Make Them Feel Less “Manly”

Though this might seem like an odd concern, it’s a genuine concern many pet owners have when considering whether or not spaying/neutering is the right decision. Owners should rest assured that their pets will not have an identity crisis after the procedure. Our pets don’t have a concept of ego and or sexual identity, meaning their personality will not be affected after being spayed or neutered.

Myth #5: Neutering/Spaying Will Cause Behavioral Changes

As mentioned previously, neutering/spaying your pet will not change their personality and/or behavior. In most cases, it can help calm or even eliminate some bad and unwanted behaviors, especially in males, such as mounting, humping, spraying, and marking. These behaviors aren’t connected to their personality and arent learned behaviors, they are behaviors correlated to the production of testosterone.

Challenges Owners of Intact Pets Face:Safejourney Dog Boarding Portland

Pet owners that decide not to neuter/spay their pets, face many challenges in the marketplace. Most businesses such as doggy daycares, dog boarding facilities, doggy playgroups, training facilities etc. require all pets are neutered by a certain age (usually 6-12 months). Owners of intact dogs face being rejected by these facilities, which could be extremely inconvenient if they require those services. This is definitely something pet owners should consider when evaluating whether or not to neuter/spay their pet(s).

Why do so many businesses ban intact pets?

Intact pets, especially dogs, are a big liability for businesses that house multiple pets at a time for various reasons including:

  • Unwanted breeding
  • Aggression prevention (from the intact pet and other neutered pets)
  • Behavioral issues stemming from intact pet (constant territory marking/spraying etc.)

In addition to the additional mess created by urinary markings, scent and hormones will result in your intact dog paying inordinate attention to other dogs (stalking) and/or receiving inordinate attention from other dogs. Being subjected to, or subjecting other dogs to inordinate levels of attention can greatly increase the possibility of fights, bites, and/or contribute to the overall unpleasant boarding/day-care experience. 

If my dog is intact will they get rejected?

There is a high chance that your intact pet will be rejected from most facilities that house multiple pets at once, though many facilities can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. The breed of your pet plays a pretty big role as well. We recommend you call the facility directly and explain your situation. They may be able to make an exception. Some other factors they might consider:

  • Is your pet well-socialized/friendly?/ What are their social interactions like?
  • Breed type
  • Your pet’s age
  • Reason for keeping your pet intact

Why Is Neutering/Spaying Such a Big Deal?

Millions of pets are euthanized in the United States each year because there are not enough homes for them, according to the ASPCA. This number could be drastically reduced if more people would spay or neuter their pets. By spaying or neutering your pet, you can help reduce the number of homeless animals and make sure that your pet has a long and healthy life

Why Bring Your Dog to Safe Journey Dog Boarding? Local Doggy Daycare Portland

Safe Journey Dog Boarding is Portland Oregon’s premier place for cage-free dog overnight boarding and dog daycare. At Safe Journey, dogs are always free to roam, play, and socialize 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. With us, you don’t have to worry about the quality of care your pet is receiving after drop-off. Our dog boarding and dog daycare facility provides a safe, comfortable, relaxed, home-style environment for your dog. This minimizes your and your dog’s stress and anxiety while you are away. Our high-frequency dog visitor clientele helps ensure that your dog is able to hang out with a well-mannered dog pack. Many of your dog’s playmates at Safe Journey have spent hundreds and even thousands of days here with us. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to check out our FAQ or call us today

FAQ About Us:

What does your facility offer?

Our facility offers a clean and comfortable environment, indoor playrooms, outdoor space for playtime, your dog will be surrounded by well-socialized dogs, our team consists of attentive expert canine care professionals, unlimited social time, and we are an entirely cage-free facility! We want your pet to feel at home when they step foot into our facility. Call us to schedule a tour today!

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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Spaying and Neutering

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