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How To Take Amazing Dog Pictures

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Your dog is your best friend, so it’s not surprising they’re one of your favorite things to photograph. You may have seen some great ones on the internet and thought to yourself “I need to take more pictures of my dog!” Maybe you even want to try and take action shots of your dog in stride.

But how do you go about doing that? What makes a good pet photographer? What are some tricks for taking high-quality photos of your pup so they turn out well every time? Having no idea where to start is normal. In order to help you take a better pet photo and make the experience more enjoyable, Safe Journey Dog Boarding have collected some pet photography tips for the amateur photographer.

Tips For Taking a Good Picture of Your Dog

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Pictured: How NOT to take a picture of your dog.

Set up your photo session beforehand.

Clean your camera lens before taking any photos of your dog. There are some great resources on the internet for getting rid of dust and dirt from a camera lens, such as using an air blower or soft brush to clean it off before applying any other measures. Know your dog’s favorite spot to lie down or go while you pet them, and use that as a starting point for an adorable doggy photo. Pay attention to background elements in your frame, make sure it’s not too busy or distracting. It’s often helpful to use a solid color as the background. If you want to setup a photo shoot near your window, open up that curtain so there aren’t any other objects taking the focus in the shot.

Make the process fun.

Use treats or toys to help capture a natural pose that will make for a great picture, but be careful not to distract them too much from where you want their attention. Give your pet some space before taking a photo; they may feel more relaxed and less likely to move around when they’re not being watched. Keep one hand free to signal cues like “sit” with your dog if they have a limited attention span and want to get better shots.

Use natural light to take a good picture of your dog.

Use the best natural light possible by taking photos outside in the early morning hours when there are no shadows on the ground from trees or buildings. Choose an angle with plenty of sun, but no direct sunlight. If you have no other option, use an artificial light source that is close to the same color temperature as daylight. When using artificial light, be sure to use a flash that won’t create any shadows on the subject. Be patient and don’t force the dog to do anything. Frame the shot so that you can see your dog and any important props or background objects in the photo.

Don’t rely on the automatic editing features and settings that come with your camera.

As you take pictures, make mental notes of what adjustments need to be made to which image. Know which changes are necessary instead of spending unnecessary time playing around aimlessly trying out random filters. You can also save yourself some trouble by adjusting brightness before taking photos—this will help keep things from getting too dark as well as adding contrast and depth of field so that faces and other details stand out better.

Finally, take your time and have fun!

The perfect shot can happen at any moment. What matters most is giving yourself the space to spend time with your dog and take to take dog photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an Expensive Digital Camera?

The answer is NO. These tips should help you get good pictures regardless of how much you spend on equipment. We recommend using a phone with the best possible perspective of your pet, and taking close-up shots from various angles. We know that when it comes to photographing their animals many people feel like they need some hardware. Don’t worry, the cameras on phones have come a long way and are able to take some amazing photos. It’s about technique, not equipment.

Can I Frame Pictures of My Dog By Myself?

If you have the time and patience framing pictures of your dog then go for it. However, if you struggle with framing at home it might be worth it to spend on someone more professional to produce some quality pictures. Framing can either make or break your photograph and will require someone who has both an eye for framing and pet photography.

Cage Free Dog Boarding for Milwaukie

Now that you know the ins and outs of taking a picture that is worthy of National Geographic, enjoy snapping moments of your best friend in action during these late summer days. But what if you can’t take care of your dog for extended moments?

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