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How A Dog Daycare Works

Posted on by Safe Journey Dog Boarding
Dog Daycare Portland

If you have a pet, you know that going on vacation or any kind of trip can be difficult. You need to make sure your pet is properly cared for while you are gone. This usually means that you have to find a friend or relative who will help you out by checking in on your pet. However, if you want to avoid this process, or simply cannot find anyone who is able to care for you, you can take your dog to a dog daycare in Portland and rest easy knowing that they will care for your dog while you are gone. Dog daycare is the best option for you if you are planning a trip. The process the dog daycare goes through is a simple one.


Most dog daycare centers have check-in hours that allow people to make reservations for their dog to stay overnight. This is the time when you go in and tell the workers of any special needs that need to be addressed with your dog. The workers should show you around and let you see where your dog will be spending most of its time. Many dog daycare centers have a nice indoor area where the dogs spend most of their time and an outdoor area used for exercise.

Daily Care

While your dog is at the dog daycare center, it will typically enjoy daily interaction with the providers, including playtimes, walks, petting, and treats. These treats will be provided by you or approved by you first, as most care providers will follow any instructions you give about diet for your dog. They will also take into account any medications and behavior concerns you may have so you can rest assured that your dog will be properly cared for at all times.

Doggie Daycare Exercise Portland
Besides the daily interaction with the care provider, your dog will also get enough exercise each day to keep it healthy and fit. Most dog daycare centers have a good-sized outdoor area for the dog to get its exercise and will ensure that your dog spends time outside. Some places even have climate control indoors to keep the comfort levels at a maximum. While you are on your trip, your dog will be cared for and given the appropriate amount of attention.



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