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3 Tips for Natural Flea Prevention

Posted on by Safe Journey Dog Boarding
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Natural Ways to Prevent Fleas

It’s flea season again. The time of year that has you itching just thinking about it! Besides being a nuisance, fleas can cause serious health problems for your dog. This is especially true for puppies. There are many preventative treatments available. Check with your veterinarian to find the best treatment for your dog. Once you have that covered, here are some tips for keeping your home flea-free, inside and out. At Safe Journey Dog Boarding we strive to maintain a clean and safe dog boarding experience.

1. Diatomaceous Earth

This fine, white powder is made from fossilized remains of prehistoric plants, called diatoms, that have been pulverized into dust. The microscopic edges of the tiny specs of dust are incredibly sharp, causing cuts in the body of fleas. In fact, it is effective on any insect with an exoskeleton, making it perfect for flea prevention as well as ant problems and the like. Though the powder may have a slightly drying effect on humans and animals, it is completely harmless for us. This power can be spread liberally outside the home and applied strategically inside. Use Diatomaceous earth on your dog’s bed, around the entrances to your home, in warm spots such as baseboard heaters, and in carpeting. The powder will get sucked up when you vacuum and so will need to be replaced.

2. Diligent Cleaning

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This one is no fun but will significantly reduce the chance of flea eggs hatching before you get to them. Wash and dry all bedding—yours and your dogs. Even if your dog is not allowed on the bed, you too can be a flea transporter. Fleas can get inside on the clothing of humans. Once inside, they love warm feeding spaces like the foot of a bed. The heat of the dryer will take care of flea eggs, so be sure to dry on at least medium heat. Vacuum frequently and immediately change out the bag. Leaving shoes outside is a good flea preventative but, short of that, putting some mosquito spray (Natural or otherwise) on your shoes will help prevent tracking fleas inside.


3.  Flea Traps

These traps can be made or bought. They consist of a dish of soapy water with a light over it. Put this near your dog’s bed or in areas where fleas have been spotted. The warmth and dampness will draw the fleas in, and they then drown in the soapy water.



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