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Top Hikes For Your Dog in Portland, Oregon

Posted on by SafeJourney-admin
Dog Friendly Hikes Portland

Spring brings with it no shortage of places for outdoor activities.

Your dog senses it too, the green trees, singing birds, warm weather and the itch to stretch their four legs at the nearest park in all of its vernal splendor. One of the better perks of living in the Portland metro is a gamut of awesome hikes, public parks, trailheads and wildlife areas within the city limits open to canine tourism.

We’ve scoured the internet from AllTrails to Yelp (unfortunately there is no Z) to bring you five of the best local dog-friendly hikes in Portland, Oregon. Whether living in downtown or the suburbs, there’s plenty of friendly hiking trails to visit.

Before setting off on your next adventure, make sure to craft a checklist of supplies. Not sure what you might need? Don’t worry, Safe Journey has you covered!

Mount Tabor

At only two miles long, Mount Tabor hosts a network of easy, off-leash trail loops to allow your dog the ultimate freedom and space to train for more difficult hikes. The slow changes in elevation means Fido will still have their work cut for them without having to run a gauntlet of challenging trailheads. Once you and your mutt climb to the top, the descent will be just as quick and its location close to Belmont, Hawthorne and Division makes it the perfect small hike for a day on the town with your best friend.

Marquam Nature Park

dog friendly trails portland

One of Portland’s best features includes the sheer amount of greenspace for you and your dog to explore.

Okay, this one is kind of cheating, as we couldn’t decide which of these next few trailheads would be the best. But who’s really counting anyways?

Marquam offers three gorgeous trails to challenge you and your four-legged friend: the Marquam-Flicker Trail loop, the Marquam-Council Crest trail and the Marquam-Towhee-Flicker-Warbler loop. Regardless which one you and your doggo decide to pursue, expect steep inclines, plenty of elevation gains and stunning vistas over the Willamete River and Mount Hood and South Portland.

None of the trailheads will exceed five miles which makes this the perfect hike for a free morning or afternoon. Despite sitting next to the fast developing South Waterfront, your sense will be inundated with the sounds of natures around Council Crest peak and Marquam Hill. This enchanted forest will cast a spell on you and Toto.

Warrior Point

While not located in Portland proper, this seven mile hike located on Sauvie Island is still worth the drive up Highway 30.

The access road Warrior Point trailhead passes through the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area while the park proper offers plenty of native birds and fowl to make birdwatches out of you and your dog. It’s location on the Gorge also means both you and Fido will be regaled by the northernmost fork of the Willamette and Columbia River. Expect plenty of wind and bring yourselves both a coat.

The hike is a difficult one, but rewards you with spectacular views of the Pacific Northwest’s defining river from one of only two non-maritime lighthouses in the state, Warrior’s Rock Lighthouse.

Spring Water Corridor

If you’re searching for a more accessible but lengthy trailhead for you and your pup, try Spring Water Corridor. This 22 mile urban walkway will take you and Fido from the southeast waterfront of Portland all the way to Boring, Oregon. Its path sits alongside the Willamette River, striding past Oaks Amusement Park and offering a view to Ross Island. Along the way, your dynamic hiking duo can visit Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and the Sellwood Riverfront Park, Powell Butte and watch the wildlife while admiring the view of Mount Hood.

Plan to bring food, water and waste bags, as well as having a plan for where you intend to stop and start the walk.

Wildwood Trail

The largest network of trails in the Portland Metro area spans through Washington Park and all the way to northern reaches of Forest Park.

This jade woodland gem of a hike, situated on the Tualatin Mountains, is perhaps Portland’s most famed trailhead both because of its miles of trails, acres of forest and breathtaking views of downtown Portland, the nearby peaks of Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood and both the Willamette and Columbia River.

The 29 mile monster can be done in larger stretches or portioned into smaller pieces. Along the way you can visit the Washington Park Loop, Hoyt Aboretum, International Rose Test Gardens, Japanese Garden and Pittock Mansion. It will require plenty of supplies and a plan lest you and Fido stray too far from the car. Be prepared to spend a whole day here to enjoy the views, activities and environment provided by Portland’s most popular trail.

Safe Journey Dog Boarding

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