Pre-Pay Your Bill



Here are some tips to help you estimate the cost of your upcoming boarding stay. No need to worry if your pre-paid amount is not exact, you can always pay any balance due or receive your refund/credit at the time of drop-off.

  1. Determine the season, click here to review our boarding prices.
  2. Is your boarding stay more than 6 nights? If so, the weekly rate will apply to the first 7 nights, if not, use single night pricing only.
  3. What time are you picking your dog up on the last day? If before 10am – no extra charge; if before 3pm add $20 for half-day daycare; if before 7pm add $30 for full-day daycare.

Example #1:

5 night stay in October with pickup at 6pm on the 6th day – Fall overnight rate (currently $45) x 5 = $225, plus full-day daycare (currently $30) for pickup at 6pm the 6th day equals ($225 + $30) $255.

Example #2:

10 night stay in July with pickup at 1pm on the 11th day – stay is longer than 6 nights so Summer weekly rate applies (currently $300), plus Summer overnight rate for 3 additional nights (currently $50) x 3 = $150, plus half-day daycare (currently $20) for pickup at 1pm the 11th day equals ($300 + $150 + $20) $470.

Example #3:

16 night stay in February with pickup at 9am on the 17th day – stay is longer than 6 nights so Winter weekly rate applies (currently $250) x 2 equals $500, plus Winter overnight rate for 2 additional nights (currently $40) x 2 = $80, plus no daycare charges for pickup at 9am on the 17th day equals ($500 + $80 – $0) $580.

If you have any questions regarding the amount due please give us a call +1 (503) 209 0177 we’re always happy to help.

After completion of your payment we will be notified electronically of your payment, and you will recieve a receipt emailed to you.