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Dog Boarding

When you're looking for outstanding dog boarding, look no further. Though our FAQ should answer many of your questions, we are always happy to fill in any informational gaps or additional questions you may have. Before your animal stays with us we always try to schedule a tour first. We kindly request you call us upon arrival for your animals comfort and safety. This allows both of you to experience the facilities beforehand.It's then we'll detail the pick-up and drop-off services we offer in Beaverton as well as cover outdoor procedures. Our pet boarding services include a cage-free environment for friendly animals, it's here where we will evaluate your danimal to identify what accommodations we will be able to provide. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our facility as we show you sleeping, eating, and play areas. If there are no concerns we will continue with arrangements, providing your animal with a free day of dog daycare for familiarization and socialization.

Boarding Preparation

We'll only need a few things in order to provide your canine with an excellent stay. Make sure to bring:

  • Your companion's favorite leash
  • Your dog's preferred food
  • A form of payment
For the safety of your personal belongings and other residents, we ask that you not bring any items that may be forgotten, damaged, or act as a source of possessiveness or defensiveness for your canine. The nature of our facilities ensures your animal will receive plenty of exercise without the need for personal toys. We have found that most of our boarders do not use beds brought from home as our canine facility contains plenty of cozy places for resting and sleeping. Our tour is a fantastic time to bring up any special needs your animal may have. Our facilities and staff are equipped to care for special needs animals when with us.

Comprehensive Canine Boarding

Expansive Facilities

dog boarding services beaverton Our team members execute all instructions regarding your animals medication, feeding, and behavior to the letter. Our expansive 1400 square foot facility is open to your canine. It features a basking deck, a fenced in yard, and layered security including double gates for entry and exits.

Meal-time Accommodations

We feed all of our canine boarders one at a time in a designated room. We'll provide your animal with one treat at this time if you have supplied any. This is so the treat is considered part of their meal, and does not pose a risk of negative interactions later on. Our average number of residents are 12 - 15 on weekdays and 10 - 12 during the weekends. Holidays are usually accompanied by a small spike to as high as 25, but number varies greatly. As our personal animals are always on the premise, your companion will never be alone when dog boarding with us!


Regular hours are 7am to 7pm. Your canine will have total access to both the indoor and outdoor facilities. 7pm is when we close the outdoor facilities for the night, though we will have several bathroom breaks prior to midnight. 7am is when we re-open the outdoor facilities to our canine guests. Our indoor facility is climate controlled, and our outside area is pesticide free.For the best in crate free home dog boarding in Beaverton, call (503) 209-0177 or contact Safe Journey Dog Boarding.

Other Dog Boarding Services Include:

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